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A Note To My Readers: Commenting

I hope that I am justified in using the plural in this case, I really do.

I’ve been reading a lot on the internet lately.  In researching my articles I probably put a solid 2-3 hours worth of resarch and reading into it so that there is a reasonably informed standpoint.  I take pretty specific stands on issues because that is how I am.  If you feel a post is ambivalent, it is because I feel that there is not enough evidence to weigh in either way.  But that is not the point.

In this research I’ve read quite a few other blogs, I’ve read blogs about blogging, and have seen websites devoted to increasing web traffic on your blog.  I want this blog to take off, mostly because I consider myself a writer and this is practice for me.  Feedback on my views, writing style, etc, is more than welcome.

That said, every resource on blogging tells me I should end my posts in an open-ended manner, welcoming comments.  Every post should end in some derivation of:  “What do you think about this?  Share your comments!”

Perhaps I’m just naive, but I view my general readership as a set of people who are capable enough to know that I am not writing a blog and sharing my opinions to exist in a vacuum.  I  expect comments to arise from some of these posts, whether or not I invite them.  I expect that because I have faith that you, my readers, have opinions of your own and the ability to express them.

Beyond that, ending my posts with some formulaic derivation of “Tell me how you feel about X” is tacky.  It may, in the end, help increase commenting and thus traffic, but I am not going to do it.  It is insulting to you, it is not my style and if I haven’t inspired you to comment on something through my writing, begging you to do so at the end of my post will not change that.

So consider this, dear readers, the open invitation to comment whenever you want.


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