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And I Thought My Days of Internet Debating Were Over…

Some of you might recall my post on pink slime.  In the process of writing that article, I had initially intended it to be much larger in scope, but realized that I was far more interested in how ABC News managed to destroy a company via news media.

Nonetheless, in doing my due diligence for that post I did a lot of reading.  Not just of various news sources, but also of various blogs to get an idea of what, exactly, the public outrage was about.  (Those who read the article might recall that I was a tad confused about the whole thing.)  I stumbled upon this blog, in which the author, Peter, was unhappy that BPI was basically blaming us for being out of business.   You can see my response there.  I’m not 100% sure why I felt I had to respond at that time (it was a while back), but I did.

You’ll note that my very last line was “P.S. I will laugh so hard if you moderate this.”  You’ll also note that it appears it was not moderated.  In fact, to my extreme surprise, Peter decided to feature my comment (and a rebuttal) on his new blog.  I did not notice until today that he had responded. I had bookmarked his blog so as to check for responses but got lost in my day-to-day and forgot until just now.

I have e-mailed Peter my rebuttal and, given that he seems open to discussion, I expect that it will be featured in some way on his blog shortly. (I only sent it that way as I was limited in number of characters in the comments section.)  I urge you all to visit both of the links to his blog and take a quick read-through.

Nonetheless, if you had any interest–from either side–in the pink slime debate I’d urge you to read it.


P.S.  When I stumbled on his response I had just finished making something in the order of 5 grilled cheese sandwiches for my lunch.  In typing my reply and this post, I ended up putting them on the floor where, an hour and change later, they now rest.   I say this only because, damnit, I really wanted those sandwiches.

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  1. May 9, 2012 at 5:01 am

    Hey Scott,

    Posted your full response. You got Steve agreeing with you. He also posted an interesting link. Check it out when you got the chance. Great blog by the way. Keep up the good work.

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